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down on the very first wooden buildings went up right here. in fact much of the region still consists of forests and if you're interested in seeing some of its best preserved historical sites you just need to head out to the countryside. back in the early nineteenth century these grounds were the home of the famous russian poet mikhail told now you can see it's all very picture postcard snowy but that doesn't mean that it's extremely killie. find somewhere to get out of the cold. is widely regarded as russia's second greatest poets off to alexander pushkin and he lived on this estate until he was twelve years old nowadays are preserved as a museum to his life and times and that means you're going to bump into plenty of contemporary characters. will have been called becoming quite good at this stuff and then it these little rag dolls were given as presents for birthdays christenings and weddings and each one has our own individual outfit. it still is
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supposed to walk away the evil eye from its maker but according to the ladies here there are certain attributes that are particularly important we don't know let's take a women's pride to breath here and tie them under the mat has my little completed dolly and apparently. the larger the breasts of the dill the more love and tenderness you will have in your home quite fortunate to have quite a well endowed girl here is how much once i finish my needlework my hostess introduced me to the rest of the hardworking family but it seems they have an open house policy him. to. come rationalised i'm glad to see you it's a holiday today we can celebrate with don't sin and soon a few more guests turned up for some fun and dance. mr traditional my friends our
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officers. they certainly go out of their way to make you feel welcome and if you're looking for some period drama just take a walk through the main house. scenario a good puppy dogs is great for warming the cockles at all but i think that oh mr lemon for probably was used to something a little while ago. i might not have been appropriately dressed but my hostess leno was kind enough not to comment on dr i'd been introduced to the local space society she wished me off to the dogs for i knew the poor mr letterman told had met his end in a jewel so i was definitely on my best behavior and fortunately i was able to finish my waltz with my dignity and yellin is totally still intact. thank you very much limits you in the glad to see you here again and me too. i'm just outside the gates of the state there was even some area transported bailable. so sadly it's
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time to get back to the twenty first century but at least looking leave the nineteenth in an authentic fashion. to follow the whole. unfortunately for me i'm like calls horses get tired and i was dropped off still a fair distance from penza it was time to get hiking. up and walking for ages and i'm absolutely paul i mean even quite tempted to start eating some of this snow but hopefully i think i might be able to find something better than that around here. luck. i think this might be the place. coast. like. tar balls very much. the stuff.
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they had the right direction. and it turned out i was right. hello leaves the bring this yeah this is. a foul in the caucus springs for the current have a drink please show. this underground want to source was discovered almost a hundred years ago and it's been here ever since. this water has many useful properties it meets no prior treatment before it goes into food products from serious to what it drifts towards a plant no com so used to bring it up that. one's own nicholas the second was still on the russian throne this was because production line each bottle filled labelled and sealed by her before being locked away in a trunk for delivery across the nation. nowadays the water is still sold throughout
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russia it's just produced a thousand times faster. it only takes around twenty seconds for the water to flow through to the plants and the factory bottles are ten million liters of it every month and it seems they've branched out into one or two other products as well. ok this is what i'm talking about the soda tasting. wonderful bit of this. is too many oh the hell. they make six thousand bottles an hour. refresh them responsible and i was soon back in pens but i had a serious sugar rush to burn off. and way better than the local. if you watch the show you'll know just how big a final things extreme more could be more homeschooled honestly i don't saw it
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in the middle of winter. oh my god this gets crazy. ok. so it's thirty degrees in here political because well. maybe splashing around among friends and housewives doesn't exactly count as particularly extreme but if you do have a taste for adventure there are want to places you can visit. but when this area was nothing but forests there were regular scum between the soldiers of the saw and local and nomadic tribes men now of course the further away you could kill your enemy from the better off you were but. took practice. and the art of dealing death from a distance is still alive and well. dimitri is the chief instructor at this medieval style shooting club. james this is an older weapon
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a sling that's more like it in the past they were made out of wood and this is a modern version of loading up a catapult me back to a misspent youth but it did take me a while to get my in just in case you do a find yourself in the forest with a catapult on a bed does walk out in front of you probably best to leave him alone he was. always ready to try out something a little bigger and dimitri and i moved on to the archery range although i swear the sights were awful nice but. we miss quite a long way down a little bit. but i'll sure a little practice things started to improve. oh yes good shot. second i guess in this case it wasn't a robin hood performance but at least i was regularly hitting the target now. i know it was nicely done jim you're quick learner but we have
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a more powerful weapon for you the final test was still to come on this weapon i'd only ever seen in movies in museums and it's a pretty deadly piece of equipment. this one is even more effective crossbow can be fully loaded well before it's used. but anyone with a loaded weapon can hide an ambush waiting for an enemy or wild animals weapon is used for hunting and fighting it is still popular to this day so to me and. so it was only appropriate that we had some authentic forest game to a much. wild boar take down one of these and it just so happens that we have. to have a go at. the friend see if we can. or but he could sandwiches for everybody but of course you should make sure that your
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prey is really dead first i think i've definitely found my weapon of choice so i've learned how to enrage a poor fake bear and kill a poor fake pig. i'm ready for war. now i just need to find some people who might be able to make use of my new found skills when i go about doing that and and so. so now he's looking like a motley band of feiss but. i knew that what strain it was going to come in handy. just with the ratings and who you guys were a fighting school israel we're going to do the rounds in the forest there are plenty of bad people hanging out there. you have gay me and his brothers in arms the members of pens as oldest mediƦval club the more than eighteen years they've been recreating bottles adding to their all marie and creating some very fetching costumes and after some intensive sword fighting we were ready to head out on
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patrol gentlemen are you ready yes let's do this apparently there were rumors of toxins in the forest where are they hiding. it was my great aunt to die for my brother. who own a certain train male called the west. that's lucky. and through miraculous of bumps as in thirteenth century medicine everyone else was able to make a full recovery there's going to be some upsides mediƦval warfare. but i guess if
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you're going to get stabbed and beaten up and covered in mud this is what makes it all worth it. my friends glory to russia. it had been a pretty intense start so much travels and pens and american blood and the chance to eat drink and be merry for a while was just hoping for a few roll of the more sedate activities around the corner.
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after spending a fair bit of my time in penza getting went cold and out of breath i was more than ready to visit somewhere which got me out of the snow. so when you're dealing with a long winter course you need plenty of things that you can do in doors like this now. pull one out pretty much all the rules too. even though not all that great for that but the russians. have got their own version but there are other forms of. let's do this meet comfort not in this case
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a prince of denmark but the undisputed king of pens is russian billiards seen the former champion as head coach of russia's under eighteen believe team and he's had plenty of success. over the past four years they have achieved impressive results some of them take part in national and international competitions also teach kids here. the game takes elements from both snoop. but it's considered to be much more difficult than both especially when you're trying to pull off shots like these. i'm going to attempt anything quite that flashy but i thought i could at least most of the answer breaking. part of the idea is i'm going to hit the ball right. and see what happens.
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and the new kid in from twenty centimeters start if you can get that far away from the pocket off to such cess the game itself healthy is a mind was ready to challenge the most but apparently the most had other ideas i'm going to play with. it should be fun except it wasn't not one bit. since getting worrying value moved around the table like a seasoned pro and i was left trying to remember exactly what i was supposed to be aiming at. ok so you can use the red ball to pot the white ball but you can also use the white ball to poke the white balls the white will spot the red balls but then you have to take away a white ball. i was getting seriously behind and obviously with my level of skill it had to be the full table. why why would you create a game where the pockets are obviously too small for the boards. and then with
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horrible inevitability as over. time. i think i just got hostiles. with my ego severely bruised i slunk out of the club and back to my rant all. i needed cheering up any one place where it wouldn't matter if i drove like a plane it. never really got used to in russia driving conditions like the road just snowy and icy it makes it really difficult to control the car. to get a little extreme condition fresh. you know if this is your school yes this is a safety driving school. most of them said gay is a professional race and founder of pens
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a safety driving school and if you want to know how to handle your car in winter. games now i'm going to show you how you can stop your car from. getting there's a technique to it. you need to learn to use the handbrake as well as the steering wheel in such situations. but then when you've got problems begin with you keep your left hand on the whale not sure you know when you are under right hand on the handbrake. of course said they made it look incredibly easy but would my chevy and i be up to the challenge. rushes out on your turn now. it's time to run the traffic on gauntlet.
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admittedly we did up facing the wrong way a couple of times but sick as a patient instructor and i was beginning to get the hang of things. i got is tougher than you expect. some just big boring driver really used to driving to. getting one it's going to tell them is the toughest but slow practice i mean he's off the accelerator. it wasn't elegant but it was effective and after a few circuits without incident i was ready. but it's got a lot of units so called police turn will help you get out of trouble when the car
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spins out of control why did the driver freezes up and just holds on to the wheel waiting for the car to stop but there is a way out you do you simply put the car into reverse drive back quickly and turn the wheel with the ball out of it is not to start with we need to step on the accelerator and then press the clutch to make a sharp turn. now we're back to normal. ok rice we have some dramatic driving music so this. lady. was being chased by the prissy stealth. killer.
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well done. my brain kicks again. i managed to pass the pools and you never know when these do but do this point come in handy. now i can dramatically we my way in and out of the moscow traffic police go off to a walk in just a school. but i couldn't hit the road back to the capital before i picked up a few keepsakes i mean the pens are region that means glass. these but be a little pricier than your average souvenirs but this region is famous for its lead crystal and this museum has a collection that goes back all the two hundred. to the curator particularly historic race with. little james now james you can see this unique collection both in terms of age and content. is can well be used to
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study the history of glass blowing in russia and the rest of the world. although it originated in the late eighteenth century it is still being replenished and of course before it can be transformed into something beautiful the rule materials need to be assembled. at the grass out of this mixture it will make crystals it is melted to under one thousand four hundred fifty celsius. although the work is here a famed for making valuable pieces of art there's also a lucrative souvenir business and had glass blower on tray was ready to share some secrets with me. still it started but now i have heard the green word of molten glass that. i'm going to keep a very tight thing. but it doesn't fall off. speed really is of the essence here
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otherwise the molten glass quickly falls out of shape i'm mostly. oh oh. oh. oh oh oh on the this is going to turn out to be a bunny rabbit. maybe andre can do a little bit of rescue work. once the body actually looks like a rabbit the designers can add on finishing touches and then the pieces baked in the oven to solidify and a few hours later it's right for the shelves. so any slightly lacking in a palette but on the right is a patched up master coming up one point be realistic and the rabbit. more time in pens was a bus stop but i was still hoping to catch a little more culture before i went and the legend of one man still dominates the local fare to see. this house was the childhood home of one of the real greats of
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russian was a lot more hold revolutionized the way people thought about acting and stage direction in russia and the early soviet union and his techniques are still practiced it today. hold move sharply away from classical theatrical practice abandoning stage curtains making actors perform without makeup and encouraging him for his ation and here in his former home a company a following in his footsteps. christmas panto. switch the balkan music. shows here a trend visitors from far afield and often some weeks in full swing sadly i didn't have time to stay and see one of the tasha had another surprise for me. james i have to make a confession i like you and tell actors like you to come on i'm going to show you
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something in the city to has nope. are little things that welt mere whole devised it introduced quite unusual thinks so literally what we have here is house production every show takes place here it's marigolds personal home she was a different person she's attitude towards life was quite bizarre and he we have to prove it. all the. morning holds most piece was considered to be his version of gogol's the government inspector and it turned out the natasha's trooper was just one baritone short bull zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero to assure us that all. of us are a. huge. problem here to have a little bit of discourse on the name of the russian soul. who proves. it
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was certainly a memorable and my trip to the panzer region a time travel to the thirteenth nineteenth and twentieth centuries in the space of ten days and made it back in one piece if you're a fan of history nature will simply want some top class entertainment this is a great place to visit. welcome to the. blizzard of winter blues to get to slopes and try out some new tech brushes got a little calendar excitement in its southern melting stitched trainers to keep you in top form and watch lying on the goal line carving the trail to sochi twenty forty one technology update here. we've got the future covered.
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download the official. touch from the still. life on the go. video on demand. comes and feeds with the palm of your. question on the comb in indonesia oh geez available in the ground your shirts the media the ritz carlton hotel and hotel the film of the millennium hotel in china you can seal it censored. rocks hotel mccown. or tilma kind of an issue marco resort hotel who sold it to some. bloke who when results might
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come closer to home occur riviera potomac cintra hotel mccown. dozens of demonstrators in the libyan capital tripoli reportedly killed in an air raids by the military as protesters torch government buildings. and use demand compensation for property seized during the second world war by baltic units who are still viewed as liberators in the country's official history. and in the u.s. the number of jobless graduates continues to grow with many heavily in debt and forced into low paid work. good to have you with us here on r t our top story protesters and security forces
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have clashed in the libyan capital try. believe for the second night thousands of anti-government activists have been pouring into the streets calling for an end to the forty one year rule of colonel moammar gadhafi the son of the libyan leader blame the exiles or the outsiders for taking the country to the brink of civil war he says troops loyal to the government will fight until the last man standing the army is said to be using live ammunition against demonstrators with international organizations putting the death toll of more than two hundred thirty in a televised address the leaders son said that number was exaggerated also dismissing reports that his father had fled the country arrest is also raging throughout the wider region with protests hitting yemen bahrain in morocco or he's got a cheeky un has more on the white house reaction toward the popular uprising. given all of the big interests at stake in the region there is no more democracy chanting going on in washington there have been a few statements from u.s. officials calling for leaders of leave yeah.


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